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JFS - cache MIN and MAX buffer parameters

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Dave Yeo:
Could always look at the source. I see this comment in jfs_cachemgr.c,

--- Code: ---/*
 * try to keep free buffers availble:
 * check if the free list needs replenishing from the cache
 * list. we'll replenish the free list if the number of cbufs
 * on the free list plus the number of cbufs being written to
 * disk for the purpose of replacement (i.e. heading for the
 * free list) is less than or equal to minfree.
if (cachemgr.nfreecbufs + cachemgr.numiolru <= cachemgr.minfree)
        /* compute the number of cbufs to recycle from the cache
         * list to keep the number of cbufs on the freelist
         * or heading for the freelist to be maxfree.
        nb = cachemgr.maxfree - cachemgr.nfreecbufs -

--- End code ---

And more.

Dariusz Piatkowski:

--- Quote from: Dave Yeo on September 23, 2022, 10:07:56 pm ---Could always look at the source. I see this comment in jfs_cachemgr.c,...
--- End quote ---

CODE!!! My oh my, I'm gonna get me some of that...Thank you!!!


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