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Jochen Schäfer:
 Most likely. Dooble works better with Github.

Eugene Tucker:
The download fails in Dooble for me.

Dave Yeo:

--- Quote from: Eugene Tucker on September 29, 2022, 05:03:13 pm ---The download fails in Dooble for me.

--- End quote ---

Same here. SeaMonkey won't load the assets and Dooble says the download was canceled after starting. I even tried moving the /home/.dooble profile out of the way, didn't help, something is buggy.
Edit: The Simplebrowser succeeded in downloading the zip.
Edit2: Actually it downloaded a broken zip

Jochen Schäfer:
I just tested the ZIP under Windows. There the download is valid.

Eugene Tucker:
Yes, it does work in Windows. I camn confirm.


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