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Dave Yeo:
Interesting, I built the SDL2 version, it looks like what the ncurses version would likely look, eg text mode. Got killed by the jackal pretty quick. Have to play more.
For some reason I had to add "LDFLAGS=-Zomf" and I see unneeded EMXism "-D__ST_MT_ERRNO__" in the linker line. -D__ST_MT_ERRNO__ is a no-op as kLIBC only supports multi-thread library.

Until Jochen fixes his github, here's the sdl2 binary. Need the rpm versions of sdl2 and sdl2-image. It is not a release so just unzip and run from bin/

Martin Iturbide:

I checked Dave's file. (I needed a yum install SDL2_image)

Works nice, I need to read more the manual.


Paul Smedley:
Clicking your link, it says "There aren’t any releases here"

Jochen Schäfer:
Sorry, my bad. I didn't recogize that the release was still a draft.
I fixed that and now everyone should see the bins.


The link now loads the webpage but no downloads showing, just the rotating "loading" indicator showing in the "Assets" section...

Is Daves latest Seamonkey no longer "compatible" with github?




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