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RUX function failure - but on multiple tries only...

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--- Quote from: Lars on October 04, 2022, 04:15:55 pm ---I think that is not how it is meant to be used. "rxuinit" is a registration-only function and will register all the functions at once. There is no point in checking if each individual function is loaded and call "rxuinit" over and over again.

At least that has been true for all other general load functions (of other REXX DLLs).

So it is either:

rc = rxfuncadd('rxuinit','RXU','rxuinit')
rc = rxuinit()


rc = rxfuncadd('RxStartSession','RXU','RxStartSession')
rc = rxfuncadd('secondFunction,'RXU','secondFunction')
rc = rxfuncadd('thirdFunction','RXU','thirdFunction')
rc = ...

--- End quote ---

This it is.
Fine detailed


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