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HyperAccess/6 or HyperAccess Pro


Looking for this software. Hilgraeve says they will not sell it to me because it is too old.

Martin Iturbide:
Hi christech.

What is your question? There is a lot of OS/2 software that had been discontinued by their authors. Or was not a question, just a statement? Or you want to know how legally obtain a discontinued software?

If they reply was that is not able for sale, maybe you can ask Hilgraeve. "Hey, can I use it for free then?"


Sean Casey:
Have you considered ZOC?   It's a full featured SSH client and terminal emulator for Windows and Mac that's currently supported, and last I looked (in 2019), you could still purchase an OS/2 license.   I use it on Windows, Linux via Wine, and also on OS/2.  Highly recommended.

Looking to buy if anyone has it for sale. I have ZOC registered but would like to try HyperAccess/6 or HyperAccess Pro. I have tried the HyperAccess Lite from the BonusPak. Hilgraeve told me it’s not available at all anymore. The ZOC owner gave me a free code just for asking. Nice guy!

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