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Has anyone successfully cloned a drive to a larger drive with ArcaOS installed on it? My laptop's drive is too small and I don't want to reinstall everything. Planning on going from 128GB to 256 or 512GB.

Sean Casey:
I have read in this forum people successfully cloning drives using DFSee.   

I have cloned OS/2 two different ways, once using Acronis Cyber Backup 12.5 with a bit-stream backup where the target remained the same partition size for OS/2.  The second method I made a zip backup of the source OS/2 partition.  I then did a fresh install of OS/2 into a second (i.e., D-drive) partition on a new drive.  Booting into OS/2, I formatted a larger C-drive partition and then restored my OS/2 backup.  I was using the AiR-BOOT manager.

Andreas Schnellbacher:
Yes, it works well with DFSee.


If I remember correctly a *clone* is the same size as the original.

I think you have to use the copy command in DFSee to "clone" a smaller drive/partition to a larger drive/partition.

If you find yourself getting confused I find Jan is very quick at providing the answer(s) by email - as long as you have Registered DFSee.



Dave Yeo:
The simplest is to just copy over the partition using xcopy. Assumes you can have both drives hooked up at the same time, but so does cloning.
Assuming your install is on C:. install the 2nd SSD and format it and give it a drive letter such as D: Best to do all this from the install stick's maintenance desktop.

--- Code: ---xcopy c:\* d:\ /h /o /t /s /e /r /v

--- End code ---
Rearrange your SSD and change the drive letter to C:. You might have to run sysinstx to make it bootable and perhaps install Airboot.


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