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updated USB audio drivers (heading for 10.245)

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I have now made a lot of updates to the USB audio drivers (USBAUDIO and USBAUD2). I have fixed some bugs, implemented balance control, implemented gain control and changed the volume setting to logarithmic scaling (because that better meets the human`s way of hearing). I also updated USBAUDIF so that a gain setting request is properly passed to the audio drivers (for example, WEPM.EXE, the default OS/2 audio edtor, supports gain setting).

Who would like to test ? I can post here of send privately. Once they are ok, I'd build a new USB driver package and upload to Hobbes (as always).


David McKenna:
 Count me in, Lars! You know I have a Behringer UMC202HD I can test with. I vote to post it here so it is widely available for testing.


Paul Smedley:
Yes please - I'll test it on my new mini-pc

Martin Iturbide:
Hi Lars

Thanks for the efforts. There is no problem posting it here on the forum for people to test and give you feedback.


Find attached.

Please do a proper audio driver installation ("minstall /*"). Do not just copy over files. Please note that after an audio driver installation, you will need to reset the default audio/ampmix device to your liking (either manually in MMPM2.INI or via my "Multimedia Setup" Extension).

If it does not work for you, just open a ticket at "trac.netlabs.org/usb".

As already mentioned, in order to use USB audio devices on a USB3 (XHCI) port, it needs an update from AN. There is an experimental USB stack build here:


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