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GNU Make 4.4 - Announcement and EMX


Martin Iturbide:

There is this article on OSNews - "GNU Make to drop support for OS/2, AmigaOS, Xenix".

The official release says:

--- Quote ---* WARNING: Deprecation!
  The following systems are deprecated in this release:
    - OS/2 (EMX)
    - AmigaOS
    - Xenix
    - Cray
--- End quote ---

I will like to hear your comments, since I'm not into development. What I think is that they are deprecating the EMX calls, but I don't know if that affects us to compile GNU Make with GCC 9, 10, 12, etc...

Can someone please let me know if the EMX deprecation will complicate to port GNU Make from 4.4, or it is nothing to worry about?


Dave Yeo:
Well, depreciation means the code hasn't been removed yet. Eventually we could just reverse the patch that removes support. And of course older versions will continue to work.
The real problem is that no one sends patches upstream so they don't know if used or if buggy etc.

I think the following would be required:

a) confirm it actually still works;
b) someone step up to maintain it.


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