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Printer - last page of print job missing...ugh?


Dariusz Piatkowski:
So this is an entirely new occurrence: the Financial Market Overview/Commentary articles that my bank publishes all of a sudden - when printed by GSView - are always dropping the last page...as in: it does NOT print! Neither does attempting to print just that SINGLE page. Printer's "receiving data" LED flashes, but nothing ever prints.

Printer in question is my Brother HL-5470DW, PostScript, I'm using the current drivers that have been adjusted with a custom PPD (to use all printer functions). Regardless, these articles have been printed numerous times before and never had this issue. Granted, they were the past articles so maybe the Bank changed something which is generating the PDFs themselves, I simply cannot tell.

Other apps seem to print fine, other PDFs, etc...but I find this really weird. I've attached a sample of such a PDF...is anyone else having a problem printing it?

No printer/GSview/system changes have occurred recently, as far as I know anyways!!!

All ears here...any ideas what to look for/at in order to debug this further?

Ian Manners:
The last page is blank here apart from the disclaimer.

I am seeing some weird things with PDF files, trying not to be paranoid, but they work fine under Windows but I cant see parts of them when viewed under Linux.

Per E. Johannessen:
Last page is printed OK here with GSView.

Not a solution but sometimes when a pdf-file is not printed correctly I use GSView to convert the file with pdfwrite and the newly produced pdf prints fine.

Dariusz Piatkowski:
Ian and Per,

Sorry guys, I should have gone slower on my end testing and explaining.

My description left out an important fact (as I was trying this with multiple different PDFs, and unfortunately mixed up some of the results): this particular document that I shared, I can NOT print pg.5, which also happened to be the LAST page I was attempting to print b/c I was skipping printing of pg.6, which contains just the disclaimer.

This pattern occured in a number of PDFs (all published by the same bank, so presumably same PDF publishing app, I haven't checked all though).

I am going to re-visit later today, maybe it's just ODD or EVEN number of pages??? Seems crazy, or maybe there is something off with the page content that's throwing the printer off?

I was able to print that very same page from GSView to my ePDF printer though...so it's not like the OS/2 printing sub-system is failing...there seems to be something in the PostScript itself that's now causing the issue.

Hi Dariusz,

No problems printing to either of my postscript printers (DCP9020cdw and HL3170cdw with the PSPRINT driver modified with the Brother PPD files) so sorry, can't reproduce your problem here.


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