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Paul Smedley:
Hey guys,

A couple of points to make first:
1) I wouldn't even be attempting this without the work of bww in creating the Qt5 port to OS/2
2) This may be beyond my capabilities depending on the scope of changes between Qt5 and Qt6

But.... I've created https://github.com/psmedley/qt6-os2

One of the most significant changes between Qt5 and Qt6 is that the build system has COMPLETELY changed to now use cmake. Fortunately, we have a port of cmake - which needed to be updated to >= 3.16 - which I've done at https://github.com/psmedley/cmake-os2 (noting that this repo still needs some cleansing of generated build files).

I have hacked (cough, ported) things enough to the point I get a reasonable looking config.summary - noting that this is only Qtbase - not any of the other modules.

Last night I added in all the os2 specific files from the bww Qt5 repo, and also generated a diff between the virgin qt 5.15.2 code and the bww repo, which I'll attempt to apply today to my Qt6 repo.

Next steps will be to work through the ~11 cmakelists.txt files which determine which source files to build, and add code in to build the *os2* source files.

I'll try and keep this thread updated, but also suggest monitoring commits on github.

Finally, NOTHING may come of this - and also refer back to my points at the start of this post!




Are you aware of the financial differences between the licensing models for Qt5 and Qt6? Be careful!

David McKenna:
 Hi Paul,

 Wow - The journey of a thousand miles starts with one step! Would be absolutely awesome if you can make QT6 work. I'll be following and testing when/if you have some binaries...


Martin Iturbide:
Hi Paul

First of all, I wish you the best of lucks and I will support you with whatever is on my hands. Remember (Everybody should remember) that this is big task, and for sure the firsts build attempts will not be perfect and will contain flaws. It is a thing that will have to improve with time, it does not has to be perfect on the first shot, so there is no preassure.

About the licencing.

Qt 6.4 (according to that web page) is still under the LGPL V3 license and some components under the GNU GPL. There is an option to buy Qt for commercial use if the plan is to create a close source Qt 6 port for commercial use. (which it is not the plan here). That is what I was able to find for the moment.

For what I see Qt is selling some development tools and the rights to close source the framework. On our case I guess we will be using the "Community version of Qt".
Check the obligations here: https://www.qt.io/download-open-source#obligations
It is basically to comply to the GPL and LGPL license.



--- Quote from: Tom on November 10, 2022, 11:15:49 pm ---Paul.

Are you aware of the financial differences between the licensing models for Qt5 and Qt6? Be careful!

--- End quote ---

My question was based on previous information (around 2020) that Qt would change it's licensing model to 'commercial' for Qt6. If I heard it well, Dmitriy also mentioned this in his interview for Warpstock 2022.


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