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Our FF and Sync, anyone tried it?

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Dariusz Piatkowski:
Our FF has been a great browser for some time, but here at least it's finally starting to show it's age and given that some of the key sites I use (banking, etc.) are now problematic I'm looking for alternative solutions.

Until a replacement browser is up and running, and i'm talking as in PRODUCTION ready stuff, I will continue to rely on Win hosted FF that's accessible through RDP.

OK, so that works here just fine, but now I need to figure out how best to sync-up all my information: bookmarks, ID/PASS combos, etc.

So I've done a little reading on the Mozilla FF Sync process, the logic, security implementation, etc. Seems like a viable alternative to manually attempting to keep all this synchronized across multiple devices...however, none of it will mean anything if our OS/2 FF Sync functionality is so badly out of date that it's practially unusable.

Therefore, I'm curious if anyone has tried this? Does it flat-out "work", or are there some glitches?

Next step here will be to set up some test accounts and FF profiles to give this a whirl...but I figured I might as well get a little smarter on what this means for us.


Dave Yeo:
Hi Dariusz, our sync did work at one time IIRC. I doubt that it will work correctly between our ancient FF and the most recent. They've changed a lot of stuff in the profile over time and now don't even try to keep backwards compatibility. But really testing is the way to know for sure.

Neil Waldhauer:
I was using it a few years ago for our Firefox 45, but while it works on OS/2, it doesn't work on all platforms. I haven't tried Windows.

Dariusz Piatkowski:
Thanks guys!

Yeah, I suspect this is ultimately going to be proven out through pure testing.

Do you recall by any chance what some of the misses were? Is it, as Dave pointed out, the difference in the Sync versioning between our 45.9x release and the most recent Win stuff (which I think is 106.0.5, at least on my Win2k box here)?

Martin Iturbide:

I remember that on the days that Firefox 45 was current, I was able to use Firefox Sync between my OS/2 and Windows devices. It sync the bookmarks, preferences and password. But Sync got updated on the mainstream and not for the OS/2 port.

If Mozila Sync is open and documented it may be interesting to try to only grab that to make it work on OS/2, but how? To make it work on old Firefox 45? or maybe asking the Dooble developer to see if he can put Mozilla Sync support on his browser? Or can Mozilla Sync work as a addon on Otter?

Sorry, I only have questions and not any solution.



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