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Connecting and transfering files to/from an HP 50g


Dear all

I was wondering if there is a way to connect an transfer files from/to an HP 50g through USB.
I am using eComStation 2.1, but up-to now I did not figure how to configure and use USB ports...

Any help to do so is welcome.

Thanks in advance.


If the HP uses fat16 or fat32 it might be possible. It might be necessary to use dfsee to format and partition the sd card.
What do you mean with 'did not figure how to configure and use USB ports...'?
On ecs2.1 the basic install should include all you need.
First download the latest USB port drivers and install them:
You can use usbcfg to configure, this will also show the numer of port drivers you will need.:
If it doesn't work, check with pcidock if the usb drivers have an irq. You might also try to switch the ports to or from legacy usb in the bios.

François, as far as I remember the 50g has full support for FAT16 and limited support for FAT 32 on the SD cards, also HP recommends that you use a USB/SD card reader to transfer between PC and 50g SD card.

I have not seen anywhere mentioned that the 50g appears to a PC as an MSD (mass storage device) since it needs drivers to work with windows XP.

From memory of what other people have said in the old forum if you accepted the default install of the USB subsystem for your PC when you installed eCS then as far as eCS is concerned your USB ports are setup to read anything that presents its self as a MSD.  The only thing you might need to do, if you want a MSD to have a drive letter, is to use the LVM to give it one.

You should go to hobbes and get the usbcfgb075.zip and read the excellent INF files it contains, they should answer all the questions you may have.  If they don't then just ask on this forum.

Dear Ivan and Guzzi

Thank you for your replies.

I will investigate these issues more closely.
I will keep you inform.




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