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Warpstock 2022 - Personal Remarks

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Neil Waldhauer:
I want to comment on the new browser and bookmarks. I listened to the comments at Warpstock. I kind of want an OS/2-like solution to bookmarks.

Back in Web Explorer days, bookmarks used to be a folder on the desktop, and the URL objects in these folders could have parameters like which browser to use. I think this would be an adequate solution to bookmarks on the new browser, particularly if you could drag URL objects to the browser and drag browser tabs to create or update a URL object.

Jan-Erik Lärka:

--- Quote from: Sigurd Fastenrath on December 12, 2022, 02:18:12 pm ---
--- Quote from: Roderick Klein on December 11, 2022, 03:32:10 pm ---
UEFI support was coming for more then 10 years. And Intel announced that on 1st of January 2020 CSM support would be withdrawn by Intel.
So its all difficult choices to make...


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--- End quote ---
One use whatever, when there's a way one can find a workable solution with minimum effort. It's however not possible to buy a current computer here without uefi and gpt, so that is something to address here and now. CSM is a transition phase that OS/2-ArcaOS need to overcome or we're stuck with spare-parts-machines.

--- Quote from: Sigurd Fastenrath on December 12, 2022, 02:18:12 pm ---While there is still a very large amount of hardware that allows installation in the CSM, there have been no new OS/2 WLAN drivers for almost exactly 15 years.

--- End quote ---
Blonde Guy presented a neat universal solution on his page with the external WiFi that use ethernet where we do have support combined with configuration through the web browser or curl. Ok, it use something external, but it seem quite usable. I've asked the local dealers for some "mango" but may have to order one directly from the states. Need to get a new laptop soon, as the left shift key fail now and then, so...

--- Quote from: Sigurd Fastenrath on December 12, 2022, 02:18:12 pm ---As uninteresting as it may be for industrial customers, this has ultimately been the nail in the coffin for many private users for OS/2 use.

--- End quote ---
Isn't it more likely the die hard enthusiasts that use OS/2-ArcaOS these days and not "Industrial customers"? Do look forward to the update to Dynamic Icons, xCenter/XWP, high resolution support (as mini icons tend to be tiny on modern screens) updated web browser and ooRexx 5.0. Appreciate such usability enhancements as a user while others want something else more important to them.

I'd therefore like to take the opportunity to

Thank you to everyone for your participation and work on OS/2, eComStation and ArcaOS. You are greatly appreciated!

--- Quote from: Sigurd Fastenrath on December 12, 2022, 02:18:12 pm ---Unfortunately, "It's high on our list, but..." or "Priorities have shifted for the umpteenth time..." were also very counterproductive. It's the same as always: there are lengthy explanations but in the end only facts count: no WLAN for 15 years, it's that simple.

--- End quote ---
Can imagine that developing the framework/infrastructure for such a set of driver must be significant. I can't see, quantify and thus not compare that required effort as to what it has been used for instead, and perhaps that's what some would like: To be able to compare themselves and prioritize, but that is possible when you have the some money already and the info tied to it. It can be frustrating when someone else got a broader perspective and info that may not be available to all.

David McKenna:
 Hey Neil,

  That's a great idea about a bookmark folder! I decided to create a URL folder for bookmarks and use the 'Computer -> Templates -> Internet Templates -> URL' template to create web objects. You have to type the URL manually, but at least it is a way to maintain bookmarks. Would be great if you could D&D a URL to a folder and it was automatic - wonder if DragText could help here. You can also copy a URL from dooble to the clipboard, then paste that into a URL folder and you get a dialog to name it and define the class (WPURL). One issue using dooble is that every time you double click a URL object, a new window is opened and I don't see any setting to open new URL's in a new tab - maybe that could be added to dooble? Thanks for the nudge!


Martin Iturbide:

--- Quote from: Rich Walsh on December 10, 2022, 10:02:15 pm ---Have you considered talking to XWP's current maintainer about it?

As it happens, it's already on my agenda because...

--- End quote ---

Hi Rich.

If it is on already on your agenda that is great. I was just listing what I remember we discussed at Warpstock as extra things outside of the video stream.
You are XWP's current maintainer, right? Do you want me to post this request on the XWP SVN ticket system?


Dave Yeo:
For bookmarks, it would be nice to get the OpenWith extension working on our platform. Use Firefox/SeaMonkey until a page doesn't work and right click the URL and open it with Dooble, the SimpleBrowser etc. I tried hacking on it but couldn't do more then navigate to @unixroot\usr\bin.

As for using WPS folders and URL objects, I wonder how it would scale, I have 1226 lines in bookmarks.html and most, well over half, are URL's. Our ini files do get weird if too big and I understand objects are stored in EA's and the ini files


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