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Login (userid) box for email missing in Firefox 45.9.0

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It looks like suddenly Comcast (email) must have changed their website login page, because I used to be able to login just fine on eCS with Firefox 45.9.0.
Now,  the page to login is missing a "box" where one enters their userid/email.  I suspect perhaps they made it "Flashy" (?)  Anyway, is there any way to fix this?

I attempted to install Qupzilla to see if it would work, but it is *very* difficult to install and I forgot I have ANPM so I was trying to install all the components manually, but I must have forgot something or incorrectly installed it because when I try to invoke it from a command line, it just flashes and does nothing.


Dave Yeo:
Surprised it worked so long. Your guess that they updated something to be flashy is probably right. Our old Firefox is lacking in various newer JavaScript.
Options are to install Dooble and use that or perhaps you can use Thunderbird to access your mail. Comcast probably has directions on how to setup Thunderbird somewhere. If you use IMAP, you can access your account from various devices, with POP, you have to be careful if you don't want to delete messages as you download them.
Personally, I like using a real email client such as Thunderbird (or SeaMonkey) but everyone has their own preferences
Edit: Dooble can be installed from an RPM using ANPM or cmdline, it is resource intensive and lacking in things like a password manager.

Martin Iturbide:
Hi jkrim

Can you also share the URL to check it out?
Like Dave said install Dooble and give it a try. Use ANPM or just run "yum install dooble".


The url is:


i got a message from yum install Dooble that the package cannot be found.  :(


Dave Yeo:
yum install dooble should work. Seems Yum is case sensitive.


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