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Login (userid) box for email missing in Firefox 45.9.0

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Doesn't matter.   Dooble or dooble.  Neither work for me.

Dave Yeo:
Are you using i686? IIRC, Dooble (and some of the supporting QT5 DLLs) is only available for Pentium 4.
Assuming you have a CPU that supports SSE2, go to @unixroot\etc\rpm\platform and change the line "i686-OS/2-OS/2" to "pentium4-OS/2-OS/2" (without the quotes) and retry. Doesn't really hurt to mix i686 and Pentium 4 though occasionally an update can get confused. It is a lot easier with ANPM, easier to change the platform and can right click on a package, choose get version or such and choose i686 or pentium4.

I really have no idea what you are saying, Dave.  This is a Core I5 VPro.  Anyway, after much manual installation of things, I got Dooble up and running but get this:

url = https://www.google.com

Load Error

Dooble cannot establish a secure connection to www.google.com. Please visit the Allowed SSL Ciphers panel and review your selections.

I tried to uncheck them all or check them all.  Doesn't seem to want to load a site (Google).


Dave Yeo:
Do you have the ca-certificates package installed?
Better explanation. OS/2 RPM's come in two flavours, i686 and pentium4. i686 used to be the default and now has been mostly dropped. Pentium4 supports things like MMX and SSE.
@unixroot expands to the drive letter where your RPM stuff is installed, perhaps C:. By changing \etc\rpm\package you will switch to pentium4 packages, which are compatible to i686. As Dooble is only available as a pentium4 package, after changing the platform, everything you install will be a pentium4 package.

Martin Iturbide:

--- Quote from: jkrim on December 11, 2022, 04:53:31 am ---https://connect.xfinity.com/appsuite

--- End quote ---
Hi, I confirm that with Firefox 45 can not see the "box" and can't type anything there. With Dooble I can see it and I type inside it.

About "i686 and pentium4". Check if you can change settings on ANPM to "pentium4". Go to "Manager -> Platform", in my case I only have "pentium4".

If you don't see  "Manager -> Platform", update your version of ANPM from this site: https://www.arcanoae.com/resources/downloadables/arca-noae-package-manager/



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