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Using a 1 TB USB hard drive

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Neil Waldhauer:

--- Quote from: Jan-Erik Lärka on January 30, 2014, 10:53:37 am ---I use a 2TB USB hard drive (Seagate Backup Plus) to store data on... but not to boot from.

I used DFSee to adjust the size of the existing NTFS partition and created a JFS volume with the appropriate settings.


--- End quote ---

OK, apparently I don't know how to "adjust" the size of the NTFS partition. I remade the NTFS partition using Windows 7, and now eCS can't use it at all. JFS sounds like a good idea. This is a new Toshiba 1 TB drive that is half the physical size of a normal portable drive.

I don't intend to boot this drive. I have little use for a bootable USB drive at this time.

Please give details of what needs to happen to the NTFS partition so eCS will recognize it.


Ian Manners:
Hi Neil,

--- Quote ---I'm looking at using a 1 TB USB portable hard drive. But eCS sees it as a 500 GB drive. What do I need to do to see the full 1 TB?
--- End quote ---

On the assumption you have the latest drivers.


 /D:0 = first disk, D:1 = second disk - boot then format HD's
/FULLSIZE   ONLY use on a new disk onwards for 500Gb or bigger

You might have to use FDISK or JFSEE to clear the first few sectors on the harddisk.
I started with clean new HD's, I simply put them in the ext USB cases, connect then,
power up, LVM, new volume etc, format as JFS, then simply use it.  (grammar correction)

I use 1 and 2TB HD's in external USB cases to backup my local drives and the server drives.

Hi Neil

To adjust the size of a Windows volume use the Windows Volume Manager to extend or reduce size - Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Computer Management -> Disk Management if I remember correctly.

To get a 1Tb drive working with eCS requires the use of DFSee - http://www.dfsee.com - and either a blank 1Tb drive or a 1Tb drive that has had all wanted files copied elsewhere.

These are the steps I took to get my 1Tb USB drive working; I posted the below to the os2-uk user group:-

"Of course LVM saw this as a Big Floppy of 512Gb when attached so it needed a bit of a "fiddle" to get it working with eCS. Just in case anyone else needs to get a 1Tb USB drive working with eCS(OS/2):-

1] Use DFSee to wipe the boot sector completely

2] Eject the USB drive

3] Reattach USB drive

4] Run LVM which now "sees" the size of the drive but still thinks of it as a Big Floppy

4] Delete the Big Floppy partition

5] Create a new Volume on the USB drive - I also changed the USB drive letter to S

6] Exit LVM saving changes

7] Format the new drive - I selected JFS as I will not be using the drive with other operating systems (although I understand *nix can read/write OS/2 JFS, possibly with a bit of fiddling on the *nix side)

Eh, Voila! 1 1Tb USB drive working fine. "

You will need to (re)create your NTFS volume as well as creating the eCS volume(s).



Neil, is there any reason that you need NTFS on that drive?  If not then just use DFSee to blank the drive and then create a JFS partition.

I have several 2TB drives that I fitted into SATA/USB drive holders that I formatted as JFS and use to make image backups of our servers - no problems at all with WSeB seeing the full capacity or writing to the drives.

Neil Waldhauer:
Pete's instructions didn't work. DFSee still sees the drive as a 500 GB. Ian's instructions did work.

The OS2DASD.DMD /D:0 /BOOTABLE /D:1 /FULLSIZE allowed DFSee to change the geometry. Even after changing, DFSee had the wrong volume size. So I ejected and reinserted the drive. Now DFSee had the right size. I created a partition.

I then went to LVM, and deleted the partition, which was a big floppy as Pete had noted.
I created a single primary and saved. Then I formatted JFS. I ejected the drive (but that failed -- after saying it was safe to eject, it said I had not ejected. I then did a chkdsk and the drive appears to be OK.

I then moved the drive to another eCS system that does not have the OS2DASD.DMD line that provides for the fullsize, and it recognized the whole drive.

Thanks everyone, and I hope you can see how to combine Pete's, Ian's and my posts into instructions on how to format a 1 TB portable hard drive.


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