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Maximum Disk size for installation of Warp Server 4 Advanced?


Thomas M.:

can somebody remember a maximum disk size Warp Server 4 Advanced can handle without any update?
Thanks a lot for any hints.


Martin Iturbide:
Hi Thomas

I made a quick test with VirtualBox (Windows Host) and with IBM OS2 Warp Server Advanced 4  (rel 7.029) that I have arround.

With a 5GB HDD, Fdisk will not recognize the disk size.
With a 2.6GB HDD, Fdisk will recognize it.

So, it most be between that the max limit, sorry, I didn't have time to check more.  ;D

Which Warp Server 4 Adv release are you using?
Do you need to know this for some specific reason? Because it would be better to install Warp Server for e-Business 4.52 if possible.


Dariusz Piatkowski:
The IBM DASD ReadMe I have here (October 7, 2005) has the following couple of paragraphs:

--- Code: ---...
1  Introduction

  FixPak 35 (FP35) for  Warp 3 and FixPak 6 (FP6) for  Warp 4 extended support
  for fixed  Enhanced IDE drives  to sizes up  to 8.4GB and added  new caching
  HPFS and  FAT file system  support for removable  media drives such  as SCSI
  Syquest  Syjet 1.5GB  portable hard  drive and  the Iomega  jaz 1GB  and 2GB
  personal hard drives.

  This  package contains updates  to the  support in  FP35 and  FP6, extending
  support  to fixed  Enhanced IDE  drives first  past the  8.4GB  boundary and
  second past  the 512 Gb  boundary.  It also  fixes some other  problems, and
  adding additional documentation on  removable media support.  Beginning with
  FP40 and  FP10 OS/2 base  device drivers were  separated into a  Base Device
  Driver FixPak.

--- End code ---

Further on, under section #3 (Large Hard Drive Support) the following can be found:

--- Code: ---...
3.2  Cannot Mark a Partition Installable

  There is a BIOS restriction  for most older (typically pre-2001 manufacture)
  computers  that  installable  (startable)  or bootable  partitions  must  be
  contained within the first 1024 logical cylinders of the disk.  This is true
  for  both EIDE  and  SCSI  hard disk  drives.   If FDISK  fails  to allow  a
  partition  to be  marked installable,  the  partition is  either above  1024
  cylinders or  the partition  spans the first  1024 logical cylinders  of the
  disk.  Use FDISK  to reduce the size of the  startable or bootable partition
  by sufficient MBytes.  One way to calculate the correct partition size is to
  do the following:

  1.  Edit  your   CONFIG.SYS  and  add  the   parameter  /W  or   /V  to  the
      BASEDEV=IBM1S506.ADD statement.

  2.  Save this change and reboot the system.

  3.  At initialization,  record the  far left hand  column of numbers  of the
      geometry  information  under the  OS2:log  heading;  for example,  where
      C=cylinder, H=head, and S=sector:

       C       1027
       H         63
       S        128

  4.  Calculate the  1024 cylinder size in  MBytes as ( H  x S )  / 2.  (round

      All bootable  partitions must  be contained within  this size.   In this
      example  the bootable  partition must  be  contained in  the first  4032
      MBbytes of  the disk and cannot  exceed a single partition  size of 4032
      MBytes within  this area.  No  bootable partition may extend  beyond the
      first 4032 MBytes.

  5.  Use FDISK to resize the partitions and reboot.

--- End code ---

Worth a read, as there are numerous other mentions of Hard Drive Size limitations, etc.

I've attached to this post.


--- Quote from: Thomas M. on December 29, 2022, 06:07:50 pm ---Hello,

can somebody remember a maximum disk size Warp Server 4 Advanced can handle without any update?
Thanks a lot for any hints.


--- End quote ---

On page 5 of the "User's Guide to OS/2 Warp" that came with my copy of the OS/2 Warp Server 4 Advanced it says:

"If you are installing OS/2 on a computer that has a hard drive larger than 528 MB, see the README.INS file located on the Installation Diskette for important information and restrictions."

I am attaching that file readme.ins (renamed to readme-ws4a.txt to make it possible to attach it here) to this answer.


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