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Dave Yeo:
Just wondering if anyone else is finding unreachable on a semi-regular basis? Especially anyone using Telus as an ISP.
Lately, usually in the evenings but all day today all I get are timeouts when trying to connect to os2world with multiple browsers. Tracerte dies somewhere in Germany. Also at least wikipedia and github are also unreachable at the same time, most other sites, mail etc load at the usual speed.  I'm in the Pacific Standard Time zone.

Hi Dave,

I was having problems with some web sites and ended up using to find out if they were in fact down or if the problem was somewhere between me and them.

You might try that first and only dig deeper if you have to.  In regards to OS2 World I too have seen a few time-outs but not long later I can connect without problems.  I've put this down to bandwidth problems at the server farm.

Martin Iturbide:
I generally do not have problems from my side. I had a little downtime on Sunday but it was fixed before I can check if it was the my side or the server side.

I will keep checking.

Ian Manners:
Hi Dave,

Next time it happens, send me a tracerte and I'll check for routing problems on the NOG's.
I do know there are some rearrangements happening with the BGP in europe, for various reasons

especially if says its up.


Doug Bissett:

--- Quote from: Dave Yeo on January 31, 2014, 08:16:21 am ---Just wondering if anyone else is finding unreachable on a semi-regular basis?

--- End quote ---

I use Telus, with no trouble, in Alberta, which is likely a completely different set of servers, and links.


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