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WPS - Drive and Folder ICON/TREE/DETAILS font size change, which way?

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Dariusz Piatkowski:
I've stuck to the 9.WarpSans font all these years...but the eyes aren't what they used to be anymore...LOL and on my 1920x1200 24" screen things just started to look fuzzier and fuzzier, so a few months back I switched my WPS Desktop font to 10.WarpSans, which was a relief.

Well, back then I also considered switching the font sizing for the Drive/Folder objects as well, but ultimately it felt like even that small 9 => 10 move was robbing me of too much folder "real estate".

So today I was doing some system maintenance, and just for kicks decided to adjust the few folders I was working on (to the 10 pt size), and man, was that a good move! I honestly could fell the eye-strain ease up significantly...so one might say: the writing is on the wall, font size must go up!!!

Now here is the question: what's the correct way to implement a single change that will cascade to all the Folder objects?

I'm thinking that changing a Drive object View settings might do that, but I haven't even tried this. What complicates things a tad is that vast majority of my Drive/Folder interface is through the XWP's Xview configuration, and it does not appear that the changes to the PARENT folder propagate downward to the CHILD folders.

So I'm curious: is that different when it comes to the DRIVE objects itself?

My next step is to literally try this out, but that potentially being such a system-wide change I figured I'd ask here first.

As always, appreciate any feedback/insights on this!


Andi B.:
There's a key combination while drag a font from the font palette which changes all the fonts of the same category, isn't it? <ALT> or <SHFT> <ALT> or? Read about in the OS/2 help more than 20 years ago....

But as OS/2 (the WPS) is by far more adjustable than other OSes there is no single place to change all settings at once. Have you followed Alex presentation at last Warpstock about that topic? Worth to rehear on youtube. As there are different settings for Icon, Tree and Details View I guess you've to <ALT> (?) drag and drop at least 3 times.

Martin Iturbide:
Hi Dariusz

If you want to change all the fonts size in the desktop at once.

Go to "Scheme Palette", open the the palette that you are using by double clicking it, on the palette select "Desktop Icon Text", select the new font and size, close the custom palette.
Now from the  "Scheme Palette", drag the modified palette to the desktop while you are pressing "ALT".

That will change all the text icons of the desktop at once in my case.


Martin Iturbide:
Hi again.

Now that I tried it, It works the same thing with the "Font Palette" dragging the new font to the desktop with "Alt". Maybe it is safer than the "Scheme Palette", since you may change something else by accident.


Dariusz Piatkowski:
Andi and Martin,

These are good suggestions you guys, but I ONLY want to change the font size for the Drives/Drive/Folder WPS objects...I do not want to modify anything else.

Having said that, I have never fooled around with the Scheme Palette, but looking at it right now I see 'Folder Icon Text' as something that can be adjusted. This is worth pursuing further...


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