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OS/2 ... Working Today, and most likely, Working Tomorrow

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Roderick Klein:

--- Quote from: Mentore on January 07, 2023, 10:53:28 pm ---<snipping all the original post>
You know what? What's really ironic is that OS/2 is most probably the first 32-bit operating system which actually came bundled with a virtualization environment - the VDM. One can launch theoretically as many real DOS environments in what looks really close to a sandbox, work in them, erase them if they crash, use different DOS versions (or maybe even CP/M?  ;D) and it was all already included in the system.
This, and the similarities between SOM and the recent incarnations of .NET under Windows and Linux just make me think how advanced OS/2 was at the time of its launch. An incredible feature and skill set wasted by IBM...


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--- Quote from: Andi B. on January 09, 2023, 12:44:23 pm ---
--- Quote from: Roderick Klein on January 08, 2023, 10:56:11 pm ---eComStation and best I can tell ArcaOS have an contract with IBM and the EULA of IBM is leading. The EULA requires you for installation to have a license.
So you can not install ArcaOS from a legal perspective if you buy one license.


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I remember there was an eCS license which worded something like - you are not allowed to use your license more than once at any given time. But it was allowed f.i. to have it installed on the desktop and when traveling using it on your notebook. All from the top of my head and I may remember wrong as it's so long ago. But it's not worth to dig it out as this is OT here anyway. Or do you think I violate any of my ArcaOS or eCS or Warp licenses? Of course I'm allowed to run my eCS as guest under my ArcaOS host. But it does not make any sense for me anyway. So what's your point?

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I was the person who write the eCS license text....

There is statement in there that you are allowed to use upto 3 Perosnal licenses. If you use more then 3 licenses then you need to buy a commercial license.
The issue however its worded INCORRETLY. It reads (because its worded incorrectly) that if one purchase eCS lcense (personal version) entitles you can install a copy on upto 3 devices.


Martin Iturbide:
Ohhh, the crazy dream of an open source OS/2 came again haunting me and waking me up at night.

Fuchsia OS  (Zircon Microkernel - MIT License - Google) has "Starnix" which interprets Linux under a different kernel. "Starnix creates a compatible runtime environment by implementing the Linux UAPI."

Maybe "StarWarp" can be created to get OS/2 interpreted under a 64bits kernel. But it is too much work and impossible for a single mortal  ;D



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