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ArcaOS on Youtube @MichaelMJD

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"You might think OS/2 is long gone, but it still lingers around in more places then you'd expect. Today's video covers ArcaOS, an OS/2-based operating system designed to work with newer hardware!"

Martin Iturbide:

Very nice video, and it has a lot of repoductions too (28,981 in 7 hours).


Alex Taylor:
Interesting that he also has WP 5.2, and I see he encountered some of the same problems as me with using it.

FWIW, the weird colour problem he has is a known issue.  I have this saved from comp.os.os2.apps from ages ago when I was trying to set this up...

--- Quote ---Date: Fri, 10 Dec 1999 17:33:53 GMT

Gary Bishop wrote:
> I may be the only one still trying to use this but here goes.
> WordPerfect for OS/2 ran fine under Warp3 but when I upgraded to Warp4
> everything works ok except the font palette does not seem to recognize
> any of the setups. Instead of a white background with black text most
> of the time it is reversed (black background/white text). I have tried
> lots of settings with no luck. Anyone got a fix or suggestion?
> Thanks in advance!!!!
> Gary Bishop
> University of Denver
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You are not the only one!  I've been using it for years and the fixpacks
to Warp 4 have made it much more stable than it was in Warp3 and basic
warp 4.

The fix is easy and documented. Just add the switch /FL in the Optional
parameters section of the WP properties icon object.

SENT BY: Lynn Scott McCarty
    Markham, ON, Canada
    lsmccarty "at" home "dot" com

--- End quote ---

I also found that the WPS classes it registers are rather unstable on OS/2 4.5x.  I used this script post-install to remove them.

--- Code: ---/* WPFIX.CMD */
IF ( RxFuncQuery('SysCreateObject') == 1 ) THEN DO
    CALL RxFuncAdd 'SysLoadFuncs', 'REXXUTIL', 'SysLoadFuncs'
    CALL SysLoadFuncs

CALL KillClass 'WordPerfectDocument'
CALL KillClass 'WordPerfectGraphic'
CALL KillClass 'WordPerfectFile'
CALL KillClass 'WordPerfectObject'

SAY 'Please reboot or restart the Workplace Shell.'


    PARSE ARG classname

    rc = SysDeregisterObjectClass( classname )
    IF rc = 1 THEN
        SAY 'Class' classname 'successfully deregistered.'
        SAY 'Class' classname 'could not be deregistered.'


--- End code ---

I don't have a YouTube account, otherwise I might post this as a comment on the video.  (Anyone else is free to.)

FTR, I haven't actually used WP/2 for a long time, even with the above I never found it to be all that stable on OS/2 4.5x.

About the fabulous /FL switch:

But it seems to apply only to "Word Perfect for Windows" ...

Could it be that WordPerfect uses the Micrografx Mirrors?
Micrografx Draw, Micrografx Designer and Corel Mosaic for OS/2 use the Mirrors and have problems with the display of colors. You can easily use these programs if you drive back the color depth of the graphics driver, e.g. to 256.

Does anyone know if there was ever a fix for the Mirrors who fixes the problem?


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