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Qt6 Application Testing

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Dave Yeo:
There's also now Version 2023.08.30,

--- Code: ---Release Notes

    Create new page via double-click on a tab bar. GitHub ticket #196.
    OS/2 and QLocalServer::UserAccessOption corrections.
    Qt 6.5.2 LTS.

--- End code ---
For Paul to build.

Martin Iturbide:

Tellie just ported "uchmviewer", an epub book viewer, using Qt6.
It also requires the Qt6 ffmpeg DLLs.

- http://rpm.netlabs.org/test/QT6/uchmviewer-test.7z

Please test it out too.


Paul Smedley:
Tellie asked me on IRC about a build of Qt 6.5.3 - so here it is - https://smedley.id.au/tmp/qt6-6.5.3-os2-20230930.zip

No OS/2 specific fixes over the previous builds  - and no webengine due to the issues with building the v8/javascript engine (see https://github.com/bitwiseworks/node-os2/issues/1)

David McKenna:
Thanks Paul,

  I gave it a try using the examples provided and notice right away that I get a lot of 'module 'workerscript' not found' messages with qml examples. That was a problem with earlier versions that you fixed at one point...


Paul Smedley:
Yep, seems I forgot to configure qtdeclarative with '-no-feature-qml-worker-script' - rebuilding it now

https://smedley.id.au/tmp/qt6-6.5.3-os2-20231015.zip might fix the workerscript errors.


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