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I've been testing version 626, and I don't see any advantages over version 632.
 Version 626 eats up the shared low memory very fast, otherwise I see them as very similar.
You've removed the option to open file, which is very useful for having old bookmarks that are available in version 632, even if it only works on the Unixroot.
Thank you for your effort.

A question for Paul.
I've found that the Dooble qt6 632 works best for me is when I have very low shared memory.
 I would say below 32mb.
 I wanted to ask if you could do a build, limiting the use of shared low memory to a maximum of 32mb.
 As far as I can see, even when you get to 0 shared memory, it takes high memory and moves it to low,
  to keep working.
But if I have a lot of low memory available, Dooble uses it and tends to crash, more often.



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