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Some successful installs with ArcaOS 5.0.7

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Hi all,

Maybe someone can copy and paste this into the Wiki, but I've tested installation ArcaOS 5.0.7 on a number of machines.  Here are my results:

Successful installations:
Thinkpad x301 type 2776-L9U
HP ProDesk 400 G3 T4L77UT#ABA
Dell Lattitude something (have to check the model)

Ethernet wired LAN works... wifi does not.  Sound works.

Have to follow standard guidance... disable AHCI in BIOS, delete all partitions on the drive before installing, etc.

Failed installations:
HP Compaq dc5150

Hope this might help someone out there.....


Edited to include full ArcaOS version number (5.0.7 instead of 5.0)

Doug Bissett:
Well, ArcaoS 5.0 is ancient history. The current version is ArcaOS 5.0.7. which contains a LOT of fixes.

--- Quote ---Have to follow standard guidance... disable AHCI in BIOS, delete all partitions on the drive before installing, etc.
--- End quote ---

This is probably not required, and should not be required.

--- Quote ---Hope this might help someone out there.....
--- End quote ---

If you want to help, at least use the current version.

Ian Manners:
Not everyone has the latest release, some people also like to use older releases for whatever reasons. Any information in relation to a particular release may help someone else out in future, and the information, even if not used, is always welcome as it may aid in a problem that has flown under the radar for current releases. If the information is not shared, then it certainly will never be of help.

Neil Waldhauer:
It is helpful to test some installations of ArcaOS on some computers. But the name printed on the computer case is not enough information.

Look at my website for a better summary of information for one computer. http://www.blondeguy.com/ComputersForSale.html

Or look at the OS/2 World wiki and the information there, although that is also often not enough. If you are installing ArcaOS, a good start is to produce the testlog for the finished installation.

Martin Iturbide:
Hi TNG999

Thanks for the information. I will include your hardware on the wiki. But I will really appreciate is if you can generate the pci.exe report on each machine, so I can include that detail on the wiki.

I have this article that will tech you how to use it: "Extracting Hardware Information from ArcaOS and OS/2"

Those reports gave me more detail if the hardware components you are running so I can create a page like this one: Lenovo Thinkpad L420



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