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Yeah, that's the same error I get.

I assume its an issue with OpenWatcom+OS2 given the same code builds and runs fine on Windows with both Visual C++ and OpenWatcom. There are still a few problems like this affecting C-Kermit itself - optimized builds crash on startup, as do builds with NetBIOS enabled. Quite possibly these are all genuine bugs in the code that just didn't affect the IBM compiler for whatever reason and are only showing up now when using Watcom.

Dave Yeo:
Do you think it would still compile with the IBM compiler and do you know which version was used. I have 3.08.

I've no idea what version was used previously I'm afraid. Based on the makefile, it was some version of VisualAge that probably installed by default into C:\IBMCXX0. The last OS/2 release of Kermit 95 was 2.1.2 on 25 November 2002 so it won't be anything newer than that. I think after 2.1.2, OS/2 support was dropped entirely.

The dialer source code comes from the Kermit 95 2.1.3 build tree so binaries from this code were never officially released for OS/2. Kermit 95 2.1.3 was released on 21 January 2003 (changelog) though so unlikely anything much would have broken in that time and it probably would have still worked. The only changes I've made to the dialer code since getting permission to release it were ripping out all the registration code, rebranding it, fixing build issues with OpenWatcom and other versions of Visual C++, plus updating the SSH options to match what the new SSH subsystem is actually capable of. So I expect it should be very nearly buildable with ICC.

I've left all the ICC stuff in the makefile so you would just have to change line 18 of k95dial.mak (CMP = OWCL386) to some other value (what value shouldn't matter as long as its not OWCL386) to prevent it from taking the OpenWatcom path in a few if/else statements. To build C-Kermit with icc, you'd need to modify the makefile in a similar way. This time to line 105 of ckoker.mak and build the ibmc target rather than the wcos2 target.

C-Kermit itself is in a bit more of a tricky state than the dialer. C-Kermit for Windows and OS/2 is based on what was going to be Kermit 95 v2.2 which was never released and was never going to support OS/2. As OS/2 was no longer supported there had been some windows-specific changes in modules shared by both Windows and OS/2 that weren't guarded with #ifdef NT or didn't have alternative OS/2 code paths. Additionally, the modules shared with other platforms (unix/linux/vms) have received an additional 20 years of development work without ever being compiled for or tested on OS/2 until last year. All the stuff that causes compile errors for Watcom when targeting OS/2 has been fixed but I wouldn't be too surprised if ICC ran into a few issues. And its possible that even when built with ICC some bugs will remain.

C-Kermit for Windows originally had similar issues (missing code, last built with an ancient non-free compiler, bugs when built with anything else, shared bits not built for windows in over a decade). The difference there is I know windows very well, I'm vaguely familiar with programming for Windows in C/C++, and I've got a big collection of Visual C++ versions and MSDN library CDs that I can use to diagnose problems and look up information on API and compiler changes.


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