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Some friendly reminder about the OS2World forum


Martin Iturbide:

I just want to remember you that on the OS2World forum we have people from around the world, with different cultures, personalities and also different OS/2 needs.

I just want to remember that there are several type of OS/2 users:
- The OS/2 user from the 80's and 90's that uses ArcaOS every day on real hardware and wants more hardware support.
- The OS/2 user that is fine running it on a Virtual Machine
- OS/2 users of industrial machinery only.
- The user that wants to run OS/2 as a hobbie on old hardware
- The new OS/2-ArcaOS user that is learning how to use it and maybe it compares how he does things on Linux/Windows.
- The eComStation users.
- People that have no idea about OS/2 and just installed it on a VM for curiousity.
....and there are several more combinations of OS/2 users.

Please remember to be open minded and kind. I always said that you don't have to reply everything you see.
If, for example, someone only wants to focus on VM, or old hardware, and that is not your interest, there is no need to get into that thread only to criticize his initial choice. Please be constructive.


Hi Martin,
I fit in your list at number one although until I retired I was also in number 3 on your list.  I still use OS/2 every day but also use Linux for a firefox browser (v 86.10.0 esr) when ny ancient firefox for OS/2 doesn't open some of the web sites.

I do agree with you about accepting all points of view but reserve the right to be grumpy about some comments.


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