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Rick Smith:

As this would solve a lot of problems I am having recreating the 90's os/2 setup I had, I am sure that I cannot get docker to run on Arcaos?  It was fun thinking I could anyhow.


Martin Iturbide:
Hello Rick

Do you need to run Docker under ArcaOS, right?
What is the need you have, which software made for containers do you think it will be cool to run on ArcaOS? Do you want some dockerize Apache httpd websites ? Or any cool thing that you do with containers?

I ask this because the only thing that I know about containers is that it is being used a lot for "server side" software. IBM had migrated all it's server software to run on Redhat Openshift. But I don't know what will be a good starting point for someone wanting docker on ArcaOS. Honest question.


Alex Taylor:
The only way to run Docker on OS/2 would be inside a VM.

Docker depends on very specific kernel and filesystem functionality in Linux which simply doesn't exist on OS/2.  (When running on Windows, it either runs inside Hyper-V, or inside the Windows Subsystem for Linux environment. I believe on MacOS it also runs inside a VM.)


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