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Hi all,

Ok don't fire me...  does OS/2-ArcaOS have a new enough Java to run Minecraft?

I tried copying the jar file off but couldn't get the syntax to get it to try to run....

Thanks......  We play a lot of Minecraft at our house.  :)


Martin Iturbide:
Hi TNG999

Our Java level is 1.6.0_27 (OpenJDK). You can run a "java -version" to check it.  For what I read Minecraft required Java 1.8, but maybe some other components for graphics is required that we may not have ported to ArcaOS.


Martin Iturbide:

Also there is no Minecraft on the browser (Dooble), because we are missing WebGL.



I found a tutorial..

javaw.exe -jar <minecraftfile.jar>

Gets error "Could not find the main class:  net.minecraft.client.Main.  Program will exit."

Ah well, had to try.  :)

Well, there's a whole bunch of other folders for it on my Windows machine... maybe I'll try copying all of it over and mess around a bit.  Will reply back later.


Dave Yeo:

--- Code: ---SET CLASSPATH=
rem adjust to where you have openjdk6 installed
set PATH=x:\openjdk6\bin;%PATH%
javaw -Xmx400M -jar minecraftfile.jar

--- End code ---
Also try java instead of javaw. IIRC, Java is case sensitive too.

Edit, added -Xmx400M, might only work with java, not javaw


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