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Martin Iturbide:

I had been requested to revisit the wiki page of "List of Laptop Computers"

Not sure if you remember but I have:
- List of Laptop Computers - For post 2015 laptops
- List of Laptop Computers (Archive) - for pre 2015 laptops.

I had been suggested to request feedback to update the page.
Any more laptops that you suggest?


Hi Martin

You could add the following to the Archive list:-

Dell Latitude E5500,  Year 2009
Good compatibility with ArcaOS 5.0.x.
Wireless does not work with the installed Broadcom wireless nic but swapping that out for an Intel 5100 works for me using Genmac and the genmu Intel driver package.



Martin Iturbide:
Thanks Pete. I just added it to the Wiki: "Dell Latitude E5500"

More details, like pci.exe hardware reports are always welcome.



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