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I want to try to add wifi to my HP laptop that might be supported under ArcaOS 5.0.7....  Are there any and if so, what brand/model or chipset should I look for?

Thanks much!!


Andy Willis:
Currently, something along these lines (I have one of these, works, gets quite hot):
I have not used the mango router on myself, but as Neil likes it, I would recommend it:
Currently, the only USB network devices are ethernet and not wifi.

Neil Waldhauer:
The Mango router is excellent, but it is not a USB router. It uses USB for power, but Ethernet for a LAN connection. Mango is just one of a family of routers with different capabilities. They are using Open Source ddwrt and GL.inet software. You can do a lot with them if you are a network geek.

Doug Bissett:
To expand, a bit, on what Neil said:

I expect that the Mango works well, but it is limited by a 100 Mbs network connection. That limits you to 100 Mbs.

I got a GL-AR750s (https://www.gl-inet.com/products/gl-ar750s/), which has 3, Gbit interfaces (read the docs), and that allows you to operate at the full speed that the wiFi is capable of. It is a router, that can connect to the internet through a modem, or another router, using either wired, or WiFi connections. It is dual band (2.4, and 5) which can be useful.

At the time that I got the GL-AR750s, it was the only one that had Gbit interfaces. I expect that more of those things have that now, but watch for it.

Neil Waldhauer:
The gl-ar750s that Doug recommends is part of the same line of routers. I expect newer routers will not be limited to WPA2 as the gl-ar750s is. My use case is for travel, and single band is fine. For home use, Doug's is better, and faster ones are coming.


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