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Mouse single-click in WPS

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Ramon Perez:
Is it possible to open files and folders in ArcaOS with a single mouse click?
For me is more handy.

Dave Yeo:
Go to System Setup-->Mouse and then check out the mappings tab. Not sure if you can do it.

Ramon Perez:
Thanks Dave, but there is no such option in mappings tab.
Let's see if someone knows any trick or third-party programs.

Martin Iturbide:

I was curious about it. I tried to do it and I can not find a way to do it.
Not sure if it is possible. For what I see the Mappings page does not allows to change the "action click" to only "Single Click". 


Ramon Perez:
Thanks Martin, I have already seen that it is not possible to do it using the system.
Maybe someone who knows some third party program...

I have also answered you to another old post:
"Win-OS2 full screen session- Mouse moves choppy / Half screen"
Read it, it may be of interest.


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