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Old DOS Program on ArcaOS VDM

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Ramon Perez:
Hi all:
I would be interested to use a statistics program designed for MS-DOS 3.0 or later in an ArcaOS VDM session. But when I run it. it gives me this error.

   "OS386 requires 80386 processor
    Kernel cannot continue"

Is VDM an emulation of a 286 processor?
Could the DOS parameters be modified to make it work?
I've already tried a real MS-DOS 6.22 session on a floppy, but since it takes DOS/OS2 session parameters, we're the same.
This program has the peculiarity that it must not use EMM386.SYS but rather HIMEM.SYS as the extended memory controller.

This program needs:
- IBM PC 486 or 386 or compatible
- DOS 3.2 or later
- Min 4MB extended RAM (not expanded) The program takes 3 MB
- Mathematics co-processor
- Graphic adapter CGA,EGA,VGA or MCGA or one that emulates any of these (16 colors recommended)

This is the DOS version of The Unscrambler by Camo
Someone knows?

Looking at the screenshot you attached, that error message is caused by the DOS Extender that is used by this program - it is not caused by the VDM that is part of ArcaOS. This DOS Extender requires a 80386 CPU or higher.

Dave Yeo:
Not all DOS extenders are compatible with OS/2, you could try playing with the DOS settings, mostly memory related. The VDM does support i386

Martin Iturbide:
Hi Ramon

I don't know which program it is, my guesses are:

A) Just in case test it also with DOSBox to see what happens.
B) This program uses "Ergo OS386 DOS extender" which is very unknown to me (The most known are DOS/4G and DOS/4GW). Does the program has a different .exe for the extender? Do you think it can be possible to get a different version of just the extender on the internet and see if the statistics program still run with it?
C) Looking around I also found "RPROMEM.EXE" (DOS utility to test system memory), which also uses "Ergo OS386 DOS extender" and gives the same error. I think it ends the "B" idea since it seems that the program binary and extender are on the same exe. Maybe these ones will not run on DOS VDM.

By the way, "RPROMEM.EXE" crashed DOSBox here. (Vogons site related thread here)


Dave Yeo:
This, https://www.vogons.org/viewtopic.php?t=10960 might help getting it running in DOSBox


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