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Antivirus and ArcaOS

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Ramon Perez:
Thanks Lewis,
Unlike other websites, which blocked my access, in the case of, they warned me (as you can see), but they let me download the files, in fact I have everything updated in ArcaOS.
Really from the beginning I thought it had to be a false alarm, but I think I did well to report it, in case it happens to anyone else and give the opportunity to clarify it

Lewis Rosenthal:
Absolutely, Ramon.

As a server admin, I often need to rely on reports from others as to whether we've ended up on some wacky blacklist or some such. Sometimes, a mail account we host may be compromised, and as we allow authenticated relay, the server will start relaying junk. I might not be aware of the problem until I go looking for something else, and then find that the log file has grown to gigantic proportions. So, I'd much prefer if people would speak up when they get odd-sounding results, so I can look into things more fully.

So, thanks for saying something. I'm relieved to see that it was (and likely still is) just a false alarm, and we don't appear to be on any (other) widely available reputation blacklists. Glad, too, that you were able to fetch your updates.



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