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David McKenna:
 Hi All,

 I'm trying to setup  DUMPFS to use a 4GB partition to dump the system to. Used DUMPFS32_61.wpi to install, and created a 4095MB partition called SADUMP on a 512GB drive per the instructions (see attached DFSEE window). Formatted first as JFS (to force type 07), then formatted with dumpfs, again per the instructions. Used Y: as the drive letter. Set TRAPDUMP=R0,Y: in CONFIG.SYS.

 Rebooted, and hit <ctrl><alt><num-lock><num-lock> and I get a message that says the dump partition does not exist. Any idea what I might have done wrong?

 The instructions don't say so, but I wonder if the dump partition must be on the same disk as the boot partition? In this case it is not. I have an X: drive (2GB) on the boot disk that works as a dump partition only if I use 'memlimit' to limit memory to less than 2GB, but I want to get away from that if possible so I can capture unexpected traps when they happen.


EDIT: Forgot to mention - the disk the Y: partition is on is an NVMe drive. Could that be the problem?

Paul Smedley:
I've always just followed the instructions at https://www.arcanoae.com/wiki/how-to-get-a-trap-dump/

David McKenna:
 Hi Paul,

  Yes, that is what I have been doing up to now,and it works, but would like to get DUMPFS working (if I can).


Isn't dumpfs32 from Lars Erdmann? Then he can probably help you with any problems.

Dave Yeo:

--- Quote from: David McKenna on March 04, 2023, 05:33:56 pm --- EDIT: Forgot to mention - the disk the Y: partition is on is an NVMe drive. Could that be the problem?

--- End quote ---

IIRC, at least the regular trap mechanism doesn't support NVMe drives. Can you use part of your ram disk?
To quote Paul's Arca Noae link,

--- Code: ---The dump volume may be on any fixed disk accessible by the system’s AHCI disk controller or by the BIOS. For ArcaOS 5.0.7 and later, the dump volume may be on the RAM disk. Dump files cannot be written to removable media such as USB flash drives. In most cases dump files cannot be written to NVME devices.

--- End code ---

Lars will hopefully show up and comment.


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