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Andi B.:
I remember a thread where I think Martin tested different Apache builds from Paul but can not find it anymore. So here's my question what build version and combination of different packages is considered the most stable, without memory leaks....

I want to upgrading my current Apache, php, mysql, squid installation and want to know if others have seen problems or not with the latest what is available at Pauls site.

Another question - is there a current installation package like LAMP or AMPOS2? Or installation instructions for current Apache, php, mysql.... for eCS? I found J├╝rgens instructions http://www.juergen-ulbts.de/content/projects/apache2/basicsetup.de.html (in German) very useful but it's a little bit outdated.

Ian Manners:
Hi Andy,

I cant help you with the first question,

The second question could be answered via http://groups.google.com/group/apache2

there is also :-
MySQL/2 at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/mysql-os2/
eCS-ISP at http://lists.2rosenthals.com

The Apache group would be the best to search and/or ask questions on for Apache and
all that can run with it. A recap put here for history wouldn't go astray either.

With the recent Apache v2.x.x/MySQL/PHP builds, from memory there are some niggles re stability with but a lot also depends on what else is on the server, the load etc.

What I has is rock solid but it is quite old now, and that's not something I want to mention the versions in public, even though it's well protected.

It's been a while since I've heard anything about a LAMP/AMPOS2, and a quick look I don't see anything recent for OS/2 or eComStation.



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