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Mypal68 -win32 browser- could ever run under Odin ?

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Hi recently discovered this beta under development for those one still using Windows XP.
I shortly tested it in XP environment, seems to be a valid one although still beta, using the engine of Firefox Quantum (version 68).
Curious to have a try in Warp 4.52 Odin -you never know....
Does not run, first it claimed a dbghelp.dll wich I the provided and placed under Odin\System32 folder, as in XP is Windows\System32.
But same, given PE mypal.exe command in OS2 terminal window, does not start, not giving answers.
Do you think it will never run ?

Please, read they warning message :


This browser does not run well on winxp SP2 and lower. If you do not want to install SP3, be ready for crashes and blue screens. If you are on SP2 and lower, there is no need to post a screenshot from blue_screen_view. And i suggest to apply postready updates of 2019.

Martin Iturbide:
Hi Mauro.

I'm just checking it out.

"Mypal is a current and maintained browser for Windows XP. Turn that old PC into something useful!"
It says is based on Firefox Quantum and Pale Moon.

It's open source under the MPL License.

I was wondering if it can be ported to OS/2, more than running it with Odin, but I can not be sure if the author already is using Rust or not.


Dave Yeo:
If it is using Firefox Quantum, it will likely be using Rust. OTOH, PaleMoon does not use Rust.
As for running it with Odin, likely need a bunch of Odin updates.


--- Quote from: Dave Yeo on March 13, 2023, 07:06:54 pm ---If it is using Firefox Quantum, it will likely be using Rust. OTOH, PaleMoon does not use Rust.

--- End quote ---

in fact, this beta (68) is a big switch from previous Mypal 29.3.


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