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Dell KB900 keyboard - workable?


Dariusz Piatkowski:
Hi Everyone,

Dell sent me an email with a discount code...and well, all my keyboards are still wired, so this one seems like a real nice upgrade.

It is a full keyboard and the comms are done through a Wireless RF2.4GHz & Bluetooth 5.1 setups. The RF link is accomplished through 'Secure Link USB Type-A Receive', which is a little plug that connects to your USB port.

My hope is that this literally just becomes a standard USB keyboard...but...that may be wishful thinking only...LOL, so I'm curious of anyone has tried either this specific keyboard, or keyboards like this with a similar connectivity setup?

Here is the link to the Product Support Page => https://www.dell.com/support/kbdoc/en-ca/000208146/dell-premier-collaboration-keyboard-kb900-usage-and-troubleshooting-guide


BTW: This keyboard will support pairing up with 2 Bluetooth devices as well, which means this is also a nice way to get comfy typing away in front of a larger tablet, or even a laptop.

Dave Yeo:
The wireless part should work fine. I've had a few wireless keyboards (no Dell) including where the adapter that plugs into the USB port supports both keyboard and mouse, they've all worked as basic keyboards and/or mouse.


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