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Possible to edit object titles directly with no mouse, and a limited keyboard?


Alfredo Fernández Díaz:
If you have appropriate keyboard mappings set up, you can change object titles using only a standard keyboard, which I like to do, because I don't like mice much and sometimes I just don't have one around.

In my case, I usually have F6 mapped to edit object titles, so I just select an object, hit F6, change its title (maybe splitting long ones into lines with Enter), and press the NumPad Enter to finish and save when I'm done. Naturally, the key to my question is this last NumPad Enter key in particular:

On a small laptop, I have a 80+ keys keyboard, with no num pad, so no NumPad Enter. Is there any alternate system key mapping (editable or otherwise) that lets me end editing titles, and save the new one (Esc will finish the operation too, but you get no cake)?

I know I can Alt+Enter to open the object properties dialog, navigate to the Icon tab, enter a new title, and close, but that is kind of cumbersome (and most likely the reason why editing object titles can be mapped to a single key in the first place).

Thank you in advance,

Martin Iturbide:
Hi Alfredo.

I haven't found way to do that, I also have a laptop keyboad without the numeric keypad and the enter/intro key there. I also have interest on knowing if it possible.

I'm also concern that I have seen laptop keyboards that does not have the F keys anymore, even that there are key located where the F Keys should be, they are mapped different and looks to me that ArcaOS does not recognize it.


It is a pity we don't have bluetooth for OS/2.  If we did the simple answer would be to use a full bluetooth keyboard such as I have for my Samsung 10.1 tablet.

Alfredo Fernández Díaz:
That looks extremely similar to my Trust wireless USB keyboard (which has an accompanying wheel mouse). It works perfectly with ArcaOS, so no need for BlueTooth for that. The problem is, it also kind of defeats the purpose of working with a small laptop ;)

Sorry about that but I use it with my tablet because the on screen keyboard does not work very well with my 82 year old fingers.

It sounds as if your Trust keyboard might do what you are trying to do without too many problems.


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