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Why would I want ArcaOS 5.1 if the 5.07 version I have does all that I want - it even runs on my Ryzen third generation processor and motherboard.

It would have to have some impressive improvements to make me want to change and if so what are they?

Change my mind.

Martin Iturbide:

I don't want to change nobody's mind you are free to take your own choices in life, and I respect that. There are people that have some old hardware where OS/2 Warp 4 or eComStation is running fine, and they do not have the need to update.

On the other hand, I want to use ArcaOS 5.1, because I want to try the UEFI support on some laptops that does not have Compatibility Mode on the UEFI BIOS.

Since this is an small community I prefer to use the latest release so Arca Noae will not spend resources supporting older versions at the same time of the newer/mainstream one, but for I have hear, they will support the 5.0.x branch for some time.

But maybe it will change your mind that with the UEFI mode in ArcaOS 5.1, it will allow you to have a nice HD Boot Logo when you start your machine  ;D ;D ;D  .
I think it will be useful for you to check the "changelog" once ArcaOS 5.1 is released and see if there is something that gets your attention.


Dave Yeo:
There's better DOS and WinOS2 support if that matters to you. It will be available in various languages if that matters to you. And the stuff Martin mentioned. Other then that, if 5.0.7 works for you, stick with it, might even be a 5.0.8 eventually as fixes happen.

Hi Martin,

Sorry if I appeared abrupt but I was just trying to get a discussion going about the invisible product.  It would have been better if they had kept quiet about it and only made an announcement when it was ready to ship.

Hi Dave,

That is the type of information I am looking for - thanks.

Eugene Tucker:
Ivan, I sort of disagree with that perspective. It is a good thing to create anticipation for a new product.Meaning sales will be good. What is bad in saying it will be out in a few weeks and it being months instead. But then I know having worked IT some things go insanely wrong and it goes that way for a time until someone gets the fix in. Arca Noae wants to be able to support the new product and continue to support the old one. This is admirable. I myself have been at the mercy of things becoming unsupported suddenly. It is a pain not to mention expensive.


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