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Paul Smedley:
Hey Neil,

--- Quote from: Neil Waldhauer on April 13, 2023, 09:18:09 pm ---I guess it's the same with the new browser. No one knows when a stable version will come out. I love the blow-by-blow of trying to build it, and even to move to a newer version, but I don't need a prediction of when the hangs and other problems will be solved. I just need to know when to press the update button.

--- End quote ---

That's lucky - you won't get any predictions from me on when the Qt6 builds will be stable. Fortunately, I'm doing this in my spare time - not for a living - so whether I make progress or not doesn't really have any consequences.



Rick Smith:

I just got 5.1 installed on my laptop and install and everything went fine.  While trying to update from the command line or APM I get a lot of python dependency problems?  Is this normal?  I have not seen this happen of previous versions. 



David Graser:
If using YUM to install updates, then no I have not seen any errors.

Sandra Asja Eickel:
Hello Rick and others!

This is a very common problem with an easy fix!

First, there was only Python2, which is EOL since years.
Now we have Python3 also.
Yum stuff requires Python2.

See also:

Select Python2 (2.7) and Python3 packages and one of the two Python unversioned packages (I suggest the one which sets the newer Python as default) and install them in one rush.
After that, everything will fall into place.

This is a known, but yet undocumented issue with the packaging (not with ANPN).


Rick Smith:

Thankyou that seems to have fixed it for me...




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