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Extract *.img file

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Did you try with 7z ?

7z x name.img

Per E. Johannessen:
Thanks, I didn't even think of 7z.
IMG is not listed as supported on 7-zip.org but it did work under win10, will check OS/2 version later.

Martin Iturbide:

- I tried with ArcaOS Archive Tool (Zippy) and it does not open .IMG diskette images files.
- 7z x name.img worked for me in ArcaOS (FYI: yum install p7zip)
- For Windows I use WinImage (Shareware).


Wendy Krieger:
Img files are very hard to work with, because of multiple format.

1.  Winimage site has an extract, as freeware, go for v 2.1, it has separate DOS Win32 vers.
2.  Check the magic at the beginning the disk.
3.  OS2HDD will extract DSKF format to a directory target\lable\contents.

You should try EMT4PM as it is designed for opening disk images - it is an OS/2 program.


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