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Per E. Johannessen:
Some time ago I bought the Intersolv DataDirect ODBC Pack and I got it in unopened condition.
The software came on three diskettes and they turn out to be for Windows only!
On the box it is clearly stated "OS/2 2.x " under "System Requirements".

Does anyone know where I can obtain the ODBC drivers for OS2?

Sean Casey:
I made the same mistake.  I purchased the Intersolv DataDirect ODBC Pack that's currently for sale on eBay.   System requirements identifies OS/2.

I recall reading somewhere (Douglas Clark?) that Intersolv never sold retail an OS/2 ODBC Pack.  The OS/2 ODBC Pack was bundled with the Q+E/Intersolv Developer's ToolKit.   If you did have the drivers, you would still have the challenge of obtaining the required client software, such as the impossible to find 32-bit dblib.dll needed for the Q+E SQL Server driver. 

I have been using Rexx/SQL ODBC with the demo Intersolv SQL Server ODBC driver.  Has been working well for me.

Per E. Johannessen:
Do you know if the demo Intersolv SQL Server ODBC driver is available somewhere?

Martin Iturbide:

I have some interest to document what exists, demo, patches, fixes, etc.
The only thing I have is that "Vincenzo Venuto" used to work there and the EDM/2 Wiki page.

I also found this on ebay:
It says it runs on OS/2 2.0 but maybe it is the Win16 version that runs on it.


Per E. Johannessen:
The one you found on ebay is the same as the one I bought and it contains no os/2 software,
despite listing OS2.x under system requirements.


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