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Jan-Erik Lärka:
The ODBC Admin maintain odbc.ini and odbcinst.ini that contain the paths to the drivers and settings.
If so, one could write a new one that look and behave well.

Is it odbc.dll that does major parts of the work under the hood then, or...?
Is it the different calling conventions used that cause problems with certain applications written with gcc or vac/wat?

JDBC to ODBC bridge would close the gap and enable us to connect to more databases.

A gui sql query tool with syntax higlightning would be very welcome as well.

Per E. Johannessen:
What about porting? Does anyone know about some open source package that could be used?
The old unixodbc 010 included a query tool which, at least for simple queries, worked with the provided samples  and the supplied odbc driver.
(Tried to use that odbc driver with VX-Rexx and VP-Rexx but could not make it work.)

I'd be happy to sponsor a project that would include an odbc driver that works with dBase files.

Jan-Erik Lärka:
i'd also sponsor work on an updated version that work with as many tools (e.g. office and development) and databases.

Dave Yeo:
Is this what you need? https://www.unixodbc.org/
Also https://sourceforge.net/projects/unixodbc-gui-qt/

Paul Smedley:
I built unixodbc many years ago, but our toolset wasn't as mature back then, so I'm not sure the modules ever actually worked. Happy to have another look at it.


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