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Eugene Tucker:
Ivan, drat you are right. My set up as it stands is on a SATA I will just transfer the drive over to the other machine.

No problem.

When I was lecturing at the tech college (shows my age because most of them became universities to the detriment of most technicians) I always insisted they read and understand the manuals for the equipment after all the people that wrote them didn't do it for themselves but for those that would end up using it.

No matter it is a very good board and drives my 28 inch 1920x1200 HDMI without problems.

R.M. Klippstein:
Hi ivan, how about a little more information on the MSI board! I've been waiting for almost two years to see if the Ryzan processors are trouble free with ArcaOS and Linux. I too am pretty old 85, and leagally blind, and have been using AMD processors ever sinse they were first anounced.  I'd like to upgrade M.B. & Processors even if its onlu using  5.0.7. My primary problems are:
Very high heat problems  using multiple virtual machines
Pathetic video with sound ArcaOS only.
Samba works, Linux Great, ArcaOS YUK!
Are there any installation problems using the MSI 8550 & Ryzan?   Yeah< I know --- Read  the installation mannual!
Thanks for any Info.


Hi Klipp,

I don't have all the answers but I will try.

No problems with heat using the large processor fan unit.
Video is from the processor inbuilt video processor (I am using the third gen Ryzen 3 Pro 4350G processor) and it drives a 28 inch 1092x1200 HDMI monitor without problems.
No comment on sound because I can't be bothered with it (It was a distraction when I was working and if I want sound I use my large amplifier and speakers)
I use samba to have a constant connection to my dual NAS box arrays from both OS/2 and Mint.
The only thing with the install was the requirement to set the UEFI bios to compatibility mode and leave it there.
I installed ArcaOS from a DVD because that is/was how I have always installed OS/2.  I think it could be installed from USB but I have never tried to do that (stick with what you know is my motto).

The attached pic is a full-screen grab of my monitor.

Eugene Tucker:
Even switching to SATA  and shutting everything down.  My MSI B550 Pro will not install ARCA OS 5.07. And it will not run with the drive from my old install which is on an ASROCK B450M_HDV R4.0 Which works great by the way. Some of us may be forced to wait for ARCA OS 5.1.


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