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RunRx v1.20
« on: April 20, 2023, 01:02:06 am »
I was hoping a few people could try this out and report any issues they encounter before I post it to hobbes. Here's what it does:

RunRx enables you to convert a REXX script into a stand-alone executable using nothing more than the OS/2 "copy" command. For example:

    copy runrx.exe /b + myrexx.cmd  myrexx.exe

Use RunRx to create:
  * helper apps - use with programs that don't support running cmd files
  * exe forwarders - e.g. create a faux 'netscape.exe' that starts Firefox
  * command line editors - examine and modify args passed to the target exe

RunRx is not a compiler or interpreter, and does not modify your script. It simply reads the attached script and passes it to the REXX interpreter which executes it. If needed, RunRx can also run a script directly from the commandline without attaching it, e.g. 'runrx myscript.cmd'. See RunRx.Txt for additional info and features.

RunRx v1.20 is licensed for non-commercial use only; a commercial license is available on request.