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Marc Galloway:
I'm ready to try and install OS/2 Warp v3 Connect (Blue spline) CD-ROM on my Tandy/GRiD 325sc. The systems boots using the 2 provided floppy disks but when it asks for the CD and I press enter nothing happens. It appears that the CD-ROM is not initialized, it won't even let me eject the CD. Once I boot back into DOS and the CD-ROM drivers are loaded I have no issue. In searching around it seems there is mention to update the floppy disks with newer ATAPI drivers and driver for larger HD support. The question I have is what and where are the drivers and do I just copy them to the floppy? I'm assuming I would need to edit some file to define the new drivers. Is there any guide for this?

Martin Iturbide:
Hi Marc

There are some updated diskettes images available online.

Maybe I can suggest to start with this one and see if there is any progress with the CD-ROM

It comes with loaddskf.exe so you can generate the diskette. It uses 3.5 diskettes, right?


Marc Galloway:
Hi Martin,

Yes, 3.5" diskettes. I'll download and give it a try. Thanks!

Marc Galloway:
So here is something interesting. When using the disk from the above download I get a red screen with CD-rom error (pics 1 and 2). If I use the original disks I don't get the CD-ROM error but can't proceed with the install (pictures 3, 4, 5 and 6).

Dave Yeo:
How is your CDrom connected? IDE, SCSI, connected to a sound card?
If connected with IDE, double check the master/slave jumpers HD needs to be master. If you have to IDE ports, put the HD on the first one and the CDRom on the 2nd with both set to master.
Sometimes Cable Select will work too.


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