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OS/2 for Mach 20 - Final Collectors Item?


Martin Iturbide:

Today I was reading the "The worst-selling Microsoft software product of all time: OS/2 for the Mach 20" article. It says there was a special customized version of OS/2 for a hardware called March 20.

--- Quote ---One of my former colleagues spoke with the person who took over from him as the support specialist for OS/2 for Mach 20. According to that person’s memory (which given the amount time that has elapsed, means that we should basically be saying “according to legend” at this point), a total of eleven copies of “OS/2 for Mach 20” were ever sold, and eight of them were returned.
--- End quote ---

I guess that makes the "OS/2 for Mach 20 " diskettes the final collector's item for OS/2  ;D


Dave Yeo:
Wonder if they're talking about the PPC version of OS/2? It had a Mach based kernel IIRC.

Ian B Manners:
The sales numbers sound 'about' the same...

Martin Iturbide:

The Mach 20 seems to be Intel: "Microsoft MACH 20 replaces your PC's 8088 processor with a fast Intel® 80286 microprocessor running at 8 MHz."


Just for the fun of it I check this video too.

Of course, I never had and will never have this kind of hardware, I'm too old now to start getting interest in this old hardware.  ;D  But at least I want to see if a screenshot and picture of the diskettes shows up in the wild someday.



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