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Car rides etc, was Re: Qt6 Development

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Dariusz Piatkowski:

--- Quote from: Paul Smedley on May 06, 2023, 03:57:05 am ---I know I've been a bit quiet the last couple of weeks, I've needed some time away from Qt6 as it was starting to frustrate me...
--- End quote ---
I'm sorry Paul...but priorities are priorities, and I'm expecting a new build every two, at worst three days!!! :o ......NOT 

Look, everyone needs some "soul time", so don't short-change yourself on yours. how about that NEW ride of yours? If I may ask, what did you end up getting?

I'm a car guy, meaning, hobby wise I build V8 motors, occasionally drag race, but the intended use is mostly for the street. My current engine build started way back in 2021 and it's been dragging on for a little too long now, although I can see the light at the end of the tunnel now!

Ian B Manners:
I've been driving a Volvo T5 with updated ECU (243 horsepower) for 30 years now, great road car for long distance travel from one side of Australia to the other, as much as Volvo Australia would like to make it vanish... it still lives.

The front leather seat belonged to my now departed cat, the back leather seats belong to my 18 year old dog.

ie, mentions cars, and we might end up with some serious sidetracking so I thought I would move your post to its own thread :)

Paul Smedley:
Hahah new car is a Tesla Model 3 - my first non-GM car in ~20 years (remembering that I used to work for Holden (ie GM)).

Ibrahim Hakeem:
As far as long roadtrips go, I've got a Trusty Suzuki Hayabusa which is my go-to for anything interstate.

On the matter of vehicles which refuse to die... The bike I had previous to my current Busa was a 1998 Honda ST1100 which was still going strong at the time I sold it. The odometer had just ticked over 350,000Ks and the bloke buying it got it specifically for a Melbourne to Perth trip. It still lives on as a middle-finger to Honda Australia  ;D

Per E. Johannessen:

--- Quote from: Ian Manners on May 06, 2023, 03:54:09 pm ---The front leather seat belonged to my now departed cat, the back leather seats belong to my 18 year old dog.

--- End quote ---
What kind of dog is that, impressive age. I've got two malamutes. 12 and nearly 14 years old, too big for the car seat though.


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