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Just Saying Hello!


Tiny Frogware:

  I just wanted to take a moment to introduce myself and say hey to everyone. Like a lot of us, I first started using 0S/2 back in 1994 when I purchased the red spine version of OS/2 Warp 3 and installed it on my trusty Packard Bell Legend that I had upgraded through the years with things like a PAS 16 sound card, CD drive, Pentium Overdrive and 8 MEGS of RAM. Anyway, I was immediately hooked and enjoyed using OS/2 for the next several years.

  Eventually, due to circumstances and life changes, I got away from OS/2 but never forgot it. I followed it through the years and it's journey through eCS to Arca Noae as ArcaOS. I recently purchased an ArcaOS license and have it installed and running beautifully on a 2014 Acer Aspire M5-581tg Ultrabook with a 500gb HD, 6gb of RAM. Currently connect it the net via the ethernet port to my router.

  I'm a widower with free time on my hands so now I'm on the processing of porting some of my games I wrote for the Win32 platform to OS/2. I enjoyed programming as a hobby now, it's fun again.

  Well, sorry for being long winded. I'm just excited to be a part of the OS/2 community again. I look forward to contributing and helping in anyway I can as others have helped me in the past.

Take care!


Martin Iturbide:
Hello Tony

Welcome back to the community, good to have you back. I'm Martin Iturbide, I'm the newsmaster of this site. Just let me know if you port or compile something for OS/2.


Tiny Frogware:
Hey Martin,

  Thanks for the welcome and it's good to be back. I'm currently using OpenWatcom for my OS/2 development and have been making steady progress. I'll definitely keep you in the loop regarding my OS/2 projects. Hope to have my first project ported and open for testing in a month or so.




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