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LVM.EXE cannot execute


I know this has been mentioned in the past but I cannot find the forum posts:

When I try to run "lvm.exe" I get this error in response:"Cannot get disk data from the LVM engine".

Strangely enough, if I instead run "minilvm.exe" or "lvmgui", then I have no problem running these two apps even though they also need to open the LVM engine to do their job.

I then had a look in Theseus to find out what is going on, in particular I checked what process loads "IVM.DLL" and "LVM.DLL" (these implement the LVM engine, I believe).
These two DLLs are loaded by PMSHELL.EXE but I could not find out exactly what loads these two DLLs (is it a WPS class ? Or what else ?).

Has anyone else also experienced this problem ?

Neil Waldhauer:
I have a compromised eComStation installation on the computer from the Zip disk thread. It gives the same result as yours. LVM cannot load, and yet MiniLVM functions normally.

Same computer, fresh install of ArcaOS, LVM works great. (except for not processing the Zip disk, which may not be the fault of LVM)

Hi Neil,

by now I have identified the problem: for me, the problem was in USBMSD.ADD.
Very early in the system start process, OS2DASD.DMD and OS2CDROM.DMD call into USBMSD.ADD in order to find out what units it knows about. At that point in time, USBMSD.ADD knows of no unit because it has not even reset the HC controllers and started the device enumeration (at least with my driver set).
That's also the reason why you need the /REMOVABLES switch: it reserves units so that if USB MSD devices eventually show up, these can be assigned to one of these reserved unit slots.

And here comes the difference:
LVM.EXE expects that an error was reported to OS2DASD.DMD and OS2CDROM.DMD that no unit is yet ready. But Minilvm.EXE and LVMGUI can happily live with a NO_ERROR return.

So: how is your ZIP disk connected to your system ? Via IDE, USB or even via the parallel interface that required the proprietary PPAOS2.ADD driver ?

If it is via IDE (and therefore managed by DANIS506.ADD) I would think that you need to experiment with the various DANIS506.ADD switches so that DANIS506.ADD will return an error on that initial request for units.
If it is via USB, then I can say that the latest available code from IBM (that all existing USB drivers of today are based upon) was not doing the right thing.

Neil Waldhauer:
My zip drive is an IDE Zip 250 drive. I am using DaniS506.ADD.

The computer also has a flawed installation of eComStation, and on that volume, I have installed USB drivers 10.248. That is the volume that cannot start LVM.

The ArcaOS system can start LVM and you can see how that is going in the ZIP thread.


Ok, then it's the error in USBMSD.ADD. Will be fixed in the next release.


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